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The fur trade causes immense suffering. Say no to fur.

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Think ranch-raised fur is humane? You won't after seeing how animals live and die on fur farms.

"They have no choice, so make yours one of compassion"

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= cruel

Fur = cruel

Faces of Fur : Fur = Suffering , Fur = Cruel, Fur = Pain : Don't by Furs.

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fur, fur

Fur! It is very sad to see that in today's society certain practices of cruelty exist and are so rampant and can be accepted. Amazingly, some people still actually think it is "fashionable" to wear fur. Personally, I am embarrassed for anyone who wears fur given the suffering caused to make the coats they buy.

Dirty Fur Cages : Faces of FurSadly even educated people do not know the horrors and depth of suffering that these animals have to endue for our luxury. Suffering = Suffering no matter how you cut it. Sadly with the event of modern medicines and all its benefits to humans, it has created for most animals an endless world of suffering; animals can be kept in the most deplorable conditions for their fur; conditions that drive them insane: conditions that make the average concerned citizen shocked and embarrassed at what they may have supported in the past. Please don't support fur of any kind.

"As with other intensive-confinement animal farms, the methods used on fur farms are designed to maximize profits, always at the expense of the animals' welfare and comfort, and always at the expense of their lives." (click to read more)

Fox Fur with open woundDespite people's beliefs about animals (Activist or not; it does not matter), the modern fur industry is sadistic and cruel. Anyone supporting such a disgusting industry, is as guilty as those people who create so much suffering in the world.

Share your compassion and avoid fur on any garment or coat. Please stop the tide of suffering and blood on the hands of others by saying no to fur; make a stand to help end the suffering for all animals.

The harm caused to animals on fur farms is clearly documented. The decline of this industry and the legislation that has been passed to outlaw cruelty on fur farms show the extent to which this fact has been acknowledged. But as long as the fur trade survives on any scale, the damage caused to animals should be compared to the value and purpose of the products it sells. Commercially produced fur is a luxury product bought to adorn and glamorise its wearer. Such use must be deemed as frivolous and unnecessary and it is indefensible to subject animals to suffering in order to satisfy these desires. If the fashion conscious choose to use fur, they must accept cruelty on their conscience.

Fur: A Skinned Fox
Anal Electrocution for Fur : A happy  and cruel end to a life of misery.

A fox being electrocuted through the Anus for its fur.& a skinned fox for his fur.

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