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The fur trade causes immense suffering. Say no to fur.

A Fur Farm
Fur Farm Investigation
Think ranch-raised fur is humane? You won't after seeing how animals live and die on fur farms.

"They have no choice, so make yours one of compassion"

Fur = cruel

Fur Related Links

Top 16 Links To Learn More about the Suffering for Fur

  1. Fur is Dead
  2. Fur Free Friday - International Action Directory
  3. Fur Shame
  4. Ban Fur
  5. Caged Fur - The Inside Story
  6. Fur Articles at HSUS
  7. Consumer Fraud at the Fur Salon  (includes Real Video)
  8. The Anti Fur Campaign @ worldanimal.net
  9. Apparel of Misery : A Look at Trapping
  10. Investigative reports on trapping, fur farming and all aspects of the international fur trade
  11. What's your Furociousness Quotient 
  12. Tribe of Heart - Home of The Witness
  13. Ban Leg Hold Traps
  14. Boycott the Bay

Fur: The Witness
Have Compassion: No Fur
Farm Fox: Fur Trade

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