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The fur trade causes immense suffering. Say no to fur.

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Think ranch-raised fur is humane? You won't after seeing how animals live and die on fur farms.

"They have no choice, so make yours one of compassion"

Fur = cruel

Frequent Reasons for buying Fur

Below is a list of frequent excuses that are used to lower our concern and to forget about the suffering and cruelty involved in the Fur industry. Please click to read an excuse and its more compassionate answer.

  1. Fur cruelty through the Anus.Most fur animals are bred for it (most common misunderstanding to end our compassion)
  2. The animals have got to die sometime/of something
  3. Most Fur animals are pests
  4. Fur is a product of careful and necessary culling
  5. Most fur animals are killers themselves
  6. Many people's whole way of life depends on the fur trade
  7. Fur gives pleasure to many people
  8. I didn't kill the animal

Most fur animals are bred for it

Fur InsanityAnimals bred specifically for their fur are not only deprived of their lives, but unlike their wild counterparts, they are also deprived of their freedom. Fur farming is therefore an even greater abuse of animal rights than hunting and trapping. They are kept in small cages, suffer in silence. Their cries are harrowing and pitiful as they go unheard. Eveything is done to maximize profit and to make the best coat (at the animals cost and suffering). The cruelty inherent in this practice of factory farming makes their suffering some of the greatest in the world today. At what cost?

In the wild, a mink will defend a territory of 2 1/2 miles of riverbank or 22 acres of marshland. An arctic fox ranges over anything from 2,100-15,000 acres and yet on fur farms these animals are kept in tiny wire mesh cages. Such is their frustration that they become psychotic. Many are driven to cannibalism and self-mutilation.

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The animals have got to die sometime & of something

So have humans and other sentient beings, but that does not give us a reason to torture them, drive them insane in their captive quarters, and cruelly raise them in disgusting living conditions in order to save money and maximize profits. They would be better off dead and extinct then to have to endure our cruel torture for their dead fur.

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Most Fur Animal are Pests

Fur: Cold HeartAnimals become pests not through their own faults but through ours. Many are escapees from fur farms, feral pets or were deliberately introduced to the wild for 'sport'. On farmland the ecosystem is thrown out of balance. Any animals suited to the particular crop being grown quickly multiply. We cannot justify killing these animals for what are our mistakes. We must find other solutions.

In the wild there is sadly very little we can do. In the end it will be the animals themselves who limit their own numbers as the environment adjusts to accommodate them.

On farmland though, there is a great deal we can do and most of the lessons have already been learned. For thousands of years tribal peoples all over the world have used farming methods based on natural ecosystems where potential pest populations are self-regulating. These ideas are now being explored in organic farming and permaculture.

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Fur is a product of careful and necessary culling

Fur is CruelCulling is a term which usually describes the killing of animals that we consider to be in some way damaging to the environment. In other words pests (see above). It goes without saying that we exclude from this solution the single most damaging animal of all -- ourselves.

Of the tens of millions of animals killed for their fur every year the vast majority are either farmed or trapped in their natural habitat where, as part of a natural ecosystem, they pose no threat to the environment.

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Most fur animals are killers themselves

Some animals are predators this is part of the overall balance that is created in nature. Without them the herbivores would not have any effective disease or population control. Such is a problem in many of North American's natural zones due to the extermination of many natural predators. Simply, they have to kill other animals in order to survive. Human beings choose to kill animals for material profit, vanity, cruelty and because they like the taste of them. It is not the same thing at all -- the predators have no choice, we do. Their killing to survive is a benefit to all nature, not a negative aspect.

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Many people's whole way of life depends on the fur trade

The greatest strength of humankind lies in its endless ability to adapt. People can change their way of life given the opportunity (and they must be given that opportunity) but for the animals that are killed there is no life, they have lost everything. Justifying a cruel practice because it saves jobs is not acceptable; thousand of children worldwide are used for their cheap labour. Should we take away their livelihood by putting the employers out of business? Of course. Where ever there is extreme suffering and cruelty, we as humans who are "shepherds" of the world need let our understanding and compassion shine.

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Fur gives pleasure to many people

To cause the suffering and death of other sentient beings for pleasure is wrong. This is common moral sense and it is believed by most people in the world (obviously this does not include the sociopaths that roam the world). It is disturbing to take pleasure from something that has caused so much pain and suffering to an individual.

Surely, in our endless ingenuity, we can find other ways to enjoy ourselves that do not involve so much suffering?

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I didn't kill the animal

The animal was killed for you and at your expense. Your money will also finance the slaughter of many more.

You don't have to physically kill something (or someone) to be responsible for their suffering and their death.

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